About this Project

With the debate over same-sex marriage still raging, the gay community in America is more politicized now than ever. While it may seem like the Democratic Party has a monopoly over the gay vote, that’s not the case. There are a small but vocal number of gay Republicans, represented by groups like Log Cabin and GOProud. In this multimedia project, we examine the often overlooked role gays play in the Republican party, and the often difficult role Republicans play in the gay community.

The content on this site was produced by David Schultz, Elaura Rifkin and Heather Caygle as a part of a graduate journalism class at American University in Washington. The inspiration for this project came from a conversation with Professor Richard Benedetto, and Professor Lynne Perri acted as an adviser to David, Elaura and Heather.

The goal for this project is to examine not only the role of gays within the Republican Party, but also to examine how Republicans are viewed within the gay community. As with almost every other large-scale civil rights movement, the ideological and political diversity within the gay rights movement is often overlooked. This project will hopefully shine a light on that diversity within the movement.

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